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"My journey began with emotional intelligence and mindfulness and led me to overcome a gambling addiction and some negative patterns in my life, I'm looking forward to where it goes next"

Like many people today I am many things. I’m a loving husband and father of 2 children I’m a manager in a corporate role and I’m committed to personal growth and development on all levels. I’ve had my own challenges of fitting into societies view of how we should play these roles. I’ve spent the better part of a decade searching for a sense of purpose and meaning and I’ve found it in Transpersonal Coaching. I love seeing the potential in people and helping them draw that out and mould it into a newfound sense of purpose and meaning, giving them the opportunity to show up in their own roles in a whole new way. We are living in a time of change and a shift towards a more conscious way of being in this world and it lends itself to doing work on more levels and with greater depth on ourselves. We have the ability to see and be in this world in new ways that reduce stress, anxiety, depression and any other symptoms that we aren’t living the life we want. This takes hard work, determination and a shift in mindset and sometimes our values and beliefs but all of this work is worth it when we get there. 


12+ Years in Corporate Leadership 

Post Graduate Certificate Transpersonal Coaching Psychology - MiddleSex University UK

7+ Years Mindfulness Experience + Training